Next read: Heroes written by Stephen Fry

Hestia, goddess of the hearth. Maybe the Least known and one of the first born of the Olympians. And the hearth, when your think of it all our ancestors, whatever our ethnicity, gathered around flames at night to stay warm and to protect themselves from animals. And they told stories about things, over which they had no control. Like, where, does they tell their children, where thunder comps from and why there’s fire coming out of the mountains. And everything you can’t understand and control, you give a name, a god. And so these [ancient greek] gods where developed personalities around the fire.
And now, we can savely say, we lost the hearth. You know, we doen’t eat round tables anymore. Someone’s got a PlayStation in that room, and the get a delivery of pizza into it and someone els has got another. They’re streaming things in another room. Nobody gathers around and shares stories anymore. We lost our focus. We lost our hearth.

Stephen Fry, about his book Heroes released in 2019. [Excerpt from Graham Northon Show]

Time to start reading this trilogy. Unfortunately only the Dutch translation ‘Helden’, is available in the Kobo store.